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Dr. Aron Eyvazi



+46 70 040 1517



Hamngatan 27A apartment building 1402,


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A Bit About Me

My name is Dr. Aron Eyvazi. I am a medical doctor, trained yoga therapist, certified yoga teacher, and versed in integrative holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.

While yoga postures are therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy uses these postures and other yogic tools to address the needs of individuals at physical, mental, and emotional levels. For more than two decades, I have helped many people to regain their health through yogic approaches, including yoga therapy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc.

I understand that physical and mental well-being are interlinked; that is yoga's essence: the integration of mind and body. That is the basis of my approach to helping my clients.

Not only will I help you to address your physical issues, but I will also help you to sustain that health by addressing the potential root causes at mental and emotional levels.

I can help you with various health issues including, but not limited to Diabetics, High Blood Pressure (BP), Asthma, Depression, anxiety and more. I also offer Stress Management

(MBSR), Detoxification, Chakra therapy, and Yoga Sex Therapy.

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