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More than three decades ago a versed, committed, and a loving doctor laid the foundation of this institute. At the time that people were overwhelmed with industrialization, Dr. Abbas Roohbakhsh-e Khaleghdoost planted the original and genuine seeds of Nava and nourished it with his pure loving heart so that individuals' body and mind gain an opportunity to develop. For, it is only with the hand-in-hand growth of these two that the soul is nourished, and the real essence of human being is enlivened.

Nava grew, with its strong roots deep in the ancient knowledge, and evolved in lights of the modern science as well as the contemporary needs, nurturing and healing many individuals ever since.

Today, Nava International is a branch of the immense Nava Holding tree. Relying on the three fundamental pillars of “preserving the purity of the Knowledge, scientific and applicable teachings, and most importantly, compatibility of the teaching with the laws of nature”, Nava International has expanded globally to find a place in the hearts of the Seekers and to be the elixir for the wellbeing and the growth of our soul and body.

We hope that our courses and services also heal your soul and strengthen your body.

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