Dr. Mohammad Eyvazi

medical Doctor and yoga therapist
My name is Dr. Mohammad Eyvazi. I am a medical doctor and a trained yoga therapist, certified yoga teacher, and versed in integrative holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.
While yoga postures are therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy makes use of these postures as well as other yogic tools to address the needs of individuals at physical, mental, and emotional levels. For more than two decades I have helped many people to regain their health through yogic approaches including yoga therapy, Ayurveda, homeopathy etc.
I understand that physical and mental wellbeing are interlinked and that is the essence of yoga: the integration of mind and body. That is the basis of my approach in helping my clients.
 Not only will I help you to address your physical issues, but I will also help you to sustain that health by addressing the potential root causes at mental and emotional levels.
I can help you with various health issues including, but not limited to: Diabetics, High Blood Pressure (BP), Asthma, Depression, anxiety and more. I also offer Stress Management (MBSR), Detoxification, Chakra therapy, and Yoga Sex Therapy.

Farnaz Fahimirad

Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Counselor

Farnaz Fahimirad is a New York City-based Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Counselor. She helps her clients achieve their personal diet goals and specializes in weight management, GI issues, diabetes, prenatal diets, and eating disorders. With over a decade of experience in the field, Farnaz has worked as a Nutritionist at Flushing Hospital Medical Center and other New York City clinics. She is a member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Greater New York Dietetic Association, Iranian Nutrition Society and the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice organization. Farnaz holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from NY University, a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from Russell Sage College, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science Engineering from Iran. Born and raised in Iran, Farnaz became passionate about nutrition from an early age growing up in and around her family-owned factory and farm. Farnaz is a huge believer in treating food as medicine and forming sustainable, long term food habits in pursuit of feeling your best. She is also a huge advocate for promoting healthy lifestyle changes that fit into daily life and support overall wellness.

مهدیس بابازاده

فیزیوتراپ، کاردرمان، یوگا درمانگر

مهديس بابازاده هستم، فيزيوتراپ، كاردرمان، يوگادرمانگر و متخصص علوم ورزشى در پيشگيرى و درمان.
تجربه سالها كار با سالمندان و افراد با بيماريهاى ارتوپدى و نورولوژى و كار در زمينه توانبخشى مرا بر آن داشت كه رويكرد درمانى بنام فيزيو يوگا را طراحى كنم كه تلفيقى از تكنيكهاى توانبخشى و يوگاست. تحصيل در يكى از دانشگاههاى ايتاليا اين فرصت را به من داد كه سالها در زمينه اثرات مفيد و موثر يوگا بر سلامت جسم و ذهن و علوم اعصاب تحقيق كنم.
نتايج تحقيقات در همه موارد تاييد كننده اثرات مثبت يوگا بر بيماريهاى ستون فقرات، سيستم عصبى – عضلانى و مفصلى- استخوانى بود.
يكى از موارد شاخص ارزشمندى اين روش، نقش آن در هر دو زمينه پيشگيرى و توانبخشى است.
من ميتوانم به افراد جوان و سالم در پيشگيرى از بروز بيماريها از طریق تقويت عضلات تقويت سيستم عصبى و تعادل بين ذهن وجسم كمک كنم.
همچنين افرادى كه از بيماريهاى اورتوپدیک، نورولوژیک و خود ايمنى رنج ميبرند ميتوانند از اين روش جهت بازتوانى سود جويند.
رويكرد من بهره‌مندى همگان از يوگاست بدون در نظر گرفتن محدوديتهاى جسمی و سنی.

Nika Eyvazi


Psychologist, Counsellor, trainer, Author, and translator.
M.Sc. in Psychology from Iran, BSc in Education from Stockholm University in Sweden
Workshops on Cognitive therapy, Mindfulness, Dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) , Compassion therapy, and Heart Intelligence

Meysam Moghadam


I am Meysam Moghaddam Management graduate with more than a decade of experience in the field of planning and management. I have been acquainted with the science and the philosophy of yoga for over 20 years, and ever since then yoga has found a role beyond a hobby and sport in my life and became a necessity in my daily life. Because I believe that Yoga is a journey From the self To the Self Through the self After passing various local and international courses, including various yoga trends, Ayurveda, etc., as well as offering a variety of courses including yoga asanas, meditation, body and mind cleansing, stress management, and time managemen, I have come to the conclusion that the philosophy of yoga is nothing but the proper management of our body and mind. For this reason, my method of therapy is a combination of management techniques together with the novel applied sciences of yoga, which leads to inner happiness and peace, increased energy levels and the optimal use of time in one’s life. In brief, the combination of knowledge and experience of management and the science of yoga has shaped my approach in creating a balance between the body and the mind. And on the other hand, by using time and mind management, understanding the meaning of true happiness and focusing on my students’ individual potentials, over the years, I have taken step towards helping them to know the Self.